Recital Information

Saturday, June 10 at 10:00am, 12:00pm, 2:00pm, 4:00pm

“Candy Land” presented by Twinkle Tots, Pre-Dance, Kinder Dance, Hippity Hop, Jazz It Up, Jazzy Tumble, Boys Dance Sport
*No onstage dress rehearsal

Sunday, June 11 at 11:00am, 1:30 pm, 3:30pm

“1987: 30 Years of Impact Dance” presented by all 1st Grade & Up Classes
*Onstage Dress Rehearsal: Friday, June 9 at Hinsdale Central (see times below)
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ALL shows & dress rehearsal on Friday, June 9 will take place at Hinsdale Central High School on 55th & Grant Streets in Hinsdale.
On recital day, dancers should follow the signs to the cafeteria. All boys will dress in a designated classroom which will be posted at dress rehearsal.

Dress Rehearsal Schedule & Show Orders
Dress Rehearsals (Saturday “Candy Land” Shows – Pre-school Dancers)
**There is NO onstage dress rehearsal for the Saturday, June 10 “Candy Land” shows. During the week of June 1-8, an in-studio dress rehearsal will be held during their regularly scheduled class time. Dancers are to arrive in full costume, hair, and makeup.

Mandatory Dress Rehearsals (Sunday “1987: 30 Years of Impact” Shows – 1st Grade and Up Dancers)
In order to participate in the recital, all dancers must attend the mandatory dress rehearsal on Friday, June 9, 2017 at Hinsdale Central High School. Dancers should head directly to the auditorium upon arrival for dress rehearsal. Dress rehearsal is exactly like the real thing, this means costumes, tights, shoes, hair, makeup and lights! We have to pretend this rehearsal is exactly like the real show if we want to get the best results come recital day. The dancers only have this one last practice before the big day, so please attend to help the children feel as prepared as possible.

Parents are asked to stay for dress rehearsal and supervise their young children. Dancer supervision will only be provided on the actual recital day. On show days, parents are asked to provide no mess table activities and games to occupy the dancers while they are awaiting their turn onstage.
*To view what show your child will participate in on recital weekend, please CLICK HERE.

View & Download Rehearsal Schedule PDF

Saturday 10 am Recital Show Order PDF

Saturday 12 pm Recital Show Order PDF

Saturday 2 pm Recital Show Order PDF

Saturday 4 pm Recital Show Order PDF

Sunday 11 am Recital Show Order PDF

Sunday 130 pm Recital Show Order PDF

Sunday 330 pm Recital Show Order PDF

Tight & Shoe Requirements
Recital costumes will be coming home during the end of May. The studio policy is to hold all costumes until the family balance is current. Thank you for your cooperation in this matter. Every costume requires a particular color and type of shoes, tights, and/ or socks. Please see the Costume Accessories document to find the proper leg and footwear needed for your dancer. All tights and dance shoes may be purchased at Impact Dance Studio.
View & Download Costume Accessories PDF
Hair & Makeup Requirements
Hair – ALL DANCERS should wear their hair in a secure bun in the middle of the back of the head. Bobby pins, hair spray, gel, and hairnets are essential to make sure buns do not fall out while they are dancing. If your hair is too short to fit into a bun, please wear it half up, half down. Hair should be very neat and tidy. Bangs should be curled and sprayed, or pulled back into the bun with hair clips if they hang into the dancer’s eyes.

Makeup – All dancers, even the little Pre-Dancers, need to wear makeup. Black mascara and a plum-like purple eye shadow. Cheeks should be a true pretty pink with a red lip. Please no fuchsia or very bright red lipstick. Older dancers’ makeup should be applied quite heavy for stage. Remember, the lights are very bright and without makeup, faces become washed out from afar.

Recital Hair Bun Kit – Once again this year, the studio will be offering an optional hair kit for sale in the main office; get them while supplies last. The kit will include 1 hair donut with directions on how to make a perfect bun, a hairnet and 12 bobby pins. This is a one stop shop for all your recital hair needs.

Tutorial video is available HERE.

Picture Day Details
Recital pictures will be held the week of June 2 – 8 during class time. All dancers will take a class photo. Solo portraits will only be taken if your dancer has a completed picture form that includes payment. For an extra fee, individual portrait packages are available, but will NOT be taken unless requested.

Both group and solo pictures can be ordered online by following the link below.  Order forms are also available to download, and will be disbursed at the studio.  If you would like your dancer to be photographed alone, please complete the picture order form and bring it with on dress rehearsal/picture day with payment (or receipt from online payment). Pictures will be mailed directly to your home address by the photography company 4-6 weeks after the show.
Parents: Please understand if you are late or absent they will miss their photo opportunity.
Order Picture Packages Online

View & Download Picture Order Form PDF

Ticket Purchase Information
Beginning Saturday, April 29 at 8:00am all recital tickets can be purchased only online at on the “Buy Recital Tickets Now” button, or “Buy Recital Tickets” on our Facebook Page. Both links will lead you to the auditorium seating chart and allow you to choose your seats, just like Ticketmaster.
View & Download Ticket Information PDF
DVD Purchase Information
All seven performances will be professionally videotaped. Personal videotaping will not be allowed at any of the performances. Video cameras will not be allowed into the auditorium. Please be courteous to others and respect this rule. DVDs can be ordered by downloading the form below.
View & Download DVD Purchase Information PDF
Flowers & Trophies Information
Recital trophies, medals & stuffed animals will be available for purchase on Friday (dress rehearsal) as well as all Saturday and Sunday performances.
Floral arrangements will be available for purchase during the Saturday and Sunday performances only. Single flowers along with small and medium-sized bouquets will be available.