Recital FAQ

Recital Benefits For Your Dancer

  • The recital is a fun experience that creates lifetime memories.
  • It allows dancers to fully experience a performing art and the unique feeling of being on a stage.
  • Parents can always expect age appropriate movement and costumes.
  • Preparing for a recital is a way for dancers to work on memorization skills, rhythm, technique, teamwork, and much more… they LOVE having something to be proud of, and it shows!
  • It gives dancers the opportunity to perform in front of an audience that will boost self-confidence in everything they do.
  • Family and friends get to see what their dancers have learned in dance class.
  • Athletes have games, dancers have a recital. This is what we practice for all year long!
  • A recital instills a passion for the arts in children’s lives while opening their minds and hearts to a life onstage or in the arts.

Frequently Asked Recital Questions Answered:

Q: Is the recital mandatory? A: No. The recital is strongly encouraged, but it is not required.
Q: Why do we need to purchase a costume? A: Costumes are required to unite each class, much like a team uniform, and are essential in presenting a professional looking show. We have found, after 27 years of experience, our parents much prefer the higher quality costumes that come at a slightly higher cost than the less expensive, poor quality costumes do. Many students wear these costumes for months, even a year after, and they are still in great condition. When it comes to dance costumes, you really do get what you pay for.
Q: What costs are associated with the ticket price? A: It costs thousands of dollars to produce the recital. Here is a quick list of just some of the major expenses the ticket prices cover:
  • Auditorium rental
  • Lightning rental
  • Cafeteria rental
  • Stage backdrop rental
  • Insurance
  • Ticket sale company
  • Professional keepsake program
  • Props
  • Auditorium crew members (three, 12-hours day at union scale;overtime)
  • Several buildings & ground and janitorial staff members (three, 12-hour days at union scale; overtime)
  • 30 member Impact crew (three, 12-hour days)
Q: Why are the holiday show tickets $5.00 per person if it is held at the same location? A: The holiday show is a fundraiser. The high school recognizes and supports our fundraiser by allowing us to rent the theater at the extremely discounted non-for-profit rate. Our dedicated staff donates their time, and we have smaller production expenses, with no ticket sale company, backdrop rental or keepsake program.