Teachers (Dance Teams)

Our dance instructors have an extensive training background, both individually and as part of our on-going teacher training program. With a combination of academic educational studies and professional performance experiences, we strive to bring our students a variety of instructional methods that will keep students engaged and thriving. The following instructors are our primary instructors for our Dance Teams.

Maegan BaetzMaegan Baetz
Jessie BaetzJessie Baetz
Kylie BannonKylie Bannon
Diane FotinoDiane Fotino
Karin KrafcisinKarin Krafcisin
Logan LiptonLogan Lipton
Katie McLaughlinKatie McLaughlin
JC RenzettiJC Renzetti
Leslie SyringLeslie Syring
Sue WagonerSue Wagoner
Lauren WienkeLauren Wienke