Class Descriptions & Dress Code

Class Descriptions

Acro – Ages 6 & older. Acrobatics teaches flexibility, balance, strength, muscle control, discipline & concentration. This class will focus on fundamental acrobatic technique. Students will learn such things as handstands, chin stands, elbow stands, cartwheels, back bends, walkovers, balance, & contortion tricks. Acro is not the typical tumbling or gymnastics class. This class is great for students looking to enhance their agility, flexibility, & strength.

Ballet – Ages 6 & older. Ballet positions, technique, and exercises will be covered as dancers develop poise, grace, & confidence.

Boogie Time (Parent & Tot) – Ages 12-36 months. Young participants will be stimulated through dance, music, and play. Marching, dancing, and rhythm activities will be a part of this interactive parent/child playtime.

Cheerleading (Summer) – Ages 6 & older. This class is designed to teach children the basic skills needed to advance in the sport of cheerleading. Participants will learn to memorize cheers and master the art of performing them. With professional instruction, they will learn arm motion techniques, proper posture, jumps, and kicks. Poms poms will be provided for all participants.

Dance Workout (Summer) – Ages 9 & older. This class will focus on core strength, a key essential for all dancers. Strength exercise for back, arms, and lower body will all be targeted as well.

High Kick (Summer) – Ages 12 & older. This class incorporates a number of dance styles including pom, jazz, high-kick, and hip hop. The dancers are taught high energy routines often incorporating poms and other props.

Hippity Hop – Ages 4 & 5. If your little one just loves to move like the Fresh Beat Band, this class is for them! Age appropriate music and fun, athletic dance steps will be taught during this class.

Hip Hop – Ages 6 & up. Isolations, popping, & free-style movement will all be a focus of this athletic and energetic dance style.

Jazz – Age 6 & Up. Our jazz classes enrich and extend students’ technical skills through center and progression work. Skills such as leaps and turns are incorporated into choreographed routines which challenge the dancers’ jazz and memory skills.

Jazz It Up! – Ages 4 & 5. This 45 minute class will introduce dancers to the basics of Jazz. Coordination skills will improve will learning beginning turns, jumps, and fun routines to upbeat and current pop hits they love.

Jazzy Tumble – Ages 4 & 5. This class is perfect for 3-5 year olds who love to jazz dance to upbeat pop music while learning beginning tumbling skills. This 45 minute class will introduce dancers to the basics of jazz along with tumbling coordination skills such as rolls, crab walks, somersaults, balance beam, activities on mats and trampoline. Dancers will build strength, balance, flexibility and coordination skills.

Kinder Combo – Ages 5 & 6. Each week, dancers will be taught a combination of Ballet, Tap, & Jazz in this one hour class. Dancers will need ballet & tap shoes (no jazz shoes required).

Lyrical/Contemporary – Ages 6 & up. Dancers will learn to express themselves through song lyrics and improve their musicality while blending ballet technique with the style of jazz. Students are encouraged to take a ballet and or jazz class in addition to this class.

Pixie Pom & Cheer (Summer) – Ages 4 & 5. This introductory class will teach the basics of cheerleading including learning arm motions, memorization of cheers, and will improve coordination with fun routines using pom poms. Pom Poms will be provided for all participants.

Pointe – (Summer) Ages 11 & older. Pointe class concentrates on the transference of ballet steps from demi-pointe to pointe and is introduced only when a dancer has developed sufficient strength in the feet and legs necessary for this discipline. Permission is needed by the instructor for admission into pointe class.

Pom Technique – Ages 12 & older. A great class for anyone looking to improve their kicks, turns, jumps, and overall pom & cheer technique. Use of poms and drill choreography will be taught during this class.

Pre-Dance, Beginning & Continuing – Ages 3-4 & 4-5. A combination of ballet & tap are taught during this class using both classical dance techniques & creative movement. These classes will improve basic motor skills, agility, & rhythm. Both ballet & tap shoes will be needed for this class.

 Tap – Ages 6 & older. Rhythm, timing, and agility will be a focal point during this class which builds coordination. Summer 2013 classes will focus on different Tap styles throughout the entire session.

Twinkle Tots – Ages 2 & 3. A combination of creative movement and beginning tap skills are taught in this class designed for our newest little dancers. Our goal is to improve basic motor skills, agility, & rhythm. Both ballet & tap shoes will be needed for this class.

Dress Code

Ballet, Tap, and Jazz shoes as well as a variety of dance attire can be purchased at Impact Dance Studio.

Adult Classes – Comfortable clothing that allows for movement is recommended.

Ballet – Any solid color leotard and pink tights; skirts are optional. Hair must be worn in a bun.

Boys – Boys may wear athletic or sweat pants with a fitted T-shirt (no oversize baggy T-shirts or sweatshirts).

Acro, Cheerleading, Hip Hop, All Jazz, Lyrical, Pom Technique & Tap – Girls may wear leotards, tights, unitards, tight-fitting jazz pants, trunks (briefs) or crop tops only. T-shirts, sweatshirts and sweatpants may be worn for the first 15–20 minutes of class only (during warm-ups).

Kinder Combo, Pre-Dance & Twinkle Tots – Dancers may wear a leotard with an optional skirt of any color. Tights are preferred and long hair should be worn off the neck and away from the face. Both pink ballet shoes and black tap shoes are required for all Kinder Combo, Pre-Dance & Twinkle Tots classes.

*No jeans will be allowed in any dance class.

Shoe Requirements

AcroAcro is taken in bare feet.

Ballet – Ballet slippers are required for all ballet classes, Kinder Combo, Pre-Dance and Twinkle Tots classes.

Hip Hop – Clean gym shoes (any style) are permitted for Hip Hop. Please provide a pair that are only worn on our dance floors and not out on the street.

Jazz/Jazz It Up! - Black jazz shoes must be worn for all jazz classes. We recommend the leather slip-on jazz shoe with no laces.

Jazzy Tumble - Jazzy Tumble is taken in bare feet.

Lyrical/Contemporary – Black jazz shoes & dance paws are permitted for all lyrical/contemporary classes. Dancers may also go barefoot at times during class, but please bring shoes for turning purposes.

Pom Technique – Jazz shoes are recommended for Pom Technique.

Pointe – Pointe class is taken in properly fitted pointe shoes.

Tap – Tap shoes are required for all Tap classes, Twinkle Tots, Pre-Dance and Kinder Combo classes. Most of the young dancers (Twinkle Tots, Pre-Dance & Kinder Combo) should wear the Mary Jane style in black. Tappers first grade and older should wear a laced jazz shoe style with attached taps.

Yoga – Yoga is taken in bare feet.

Zumba – Clean gym shoes are recommended for Zumba.