The Gift of Experiences


Stuck on finding that special gift for the kids this year? Are you knee-deep in toys that no longer bring them joy? Instead of adding more to “stuff” to the pile, consider giving your children the gift of experiences.

In a recent parenting magazine article, a mother shared her story about how giving her kids a vacation experience instead of things made Christmas more meaningful for the entire family. On Christmas morning, the kids opened a letter from Santa explaining the family would be leaving for a trip that very day. The kids were so over the moon about their upcoming adventure, they quickly forgot about unwrapping gifts.

Besides a family trip, here are more fun ways you can replace stuff with experiences during Christmas:

Family Gifts

  • Museum/Science Center Memberships
  • Orchestra/Community Theater Tickets
  • Local Attractions – amusement parks, minor league baseball tickets, historical sites
  • New Family Hobby – hiking, camping, card games, a sport or other activity
  • Volunteer at Local Food Pantry or Charity – Give your kids the gift of helping others.
  • Give to Charity – Designate about $100 per child in end-of-year contributions and let them decide how to give to those in need.

Gifts for Kids

  • Local Pottery Painting/Making
  • Rock Climbing/Local Jump Gym
  • Batting Cage Membership
  • Bowling or Skating Tickets
  • Musical Instrument
  • Movie/Game Night Packages
  • A New Skill – horseback riding, sewing or painting lessons
  • Lunch Dates – Plan one-on-one dates to your child’s favorite breakfast or lunch place.
  • Craft Bucket – Fill a basket with scissors, glue, stickers, books on how to draw, painting kits, construction paper, and whatever craft item you can think of for hours of creative fun!

In the spirit of gifting experiences, Impact Dance Studio is offering gift cards for $100, which covers a session of dance class. The remainder of the card could be used toward another dance class, shoes, tights, a uniform or other boutique items. It’s a great way for your little one to discover what type of dance they like.

Of course, most of us love finding, wrapping and giving that perfect gift for our loved ones, but the happiness you feel from material goods fades quickly. Give the gift of experiences, and you’ll create heart-filled memories forever – no shelf or storage required!


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