Cool Reasons to Enjoy Dance Class This Summer


School’s out for summer, so does that mean taking a break from dance class too? Not necessarily. While it’s important for young dancers to embrace the lazy, hazy days of summer, continuing to dance during the off-season has its benefits. Here are some reasons why summer training can give dancers a leg up before fall arrives:

  • Just dance. During the summer months, dancers can focus solely on perfecting their craft without stressing about schoolwork and tests. That’s a plus!
  • Freedom to explore. Summer training gives dancers the time to discover new dance styles, whether it’s through a class, workshop, convention or going to see a performance. This helps them figure out what direction they want to take in the future.
  • Summer improvements. Studies indicate when dancers take summer classes on a regular basis, they maintain and even improve their technique. Besides, who wants to undo what they’ve already accomplished?
  • Dance is fun! Conditioning and training are essential parts of dance class, but there’s a reason dancers take class in the first place – it’s plain fun!

At Impact, we’re all about having the freedom and flexibility to enjoy summer, which is why we created a punch card system. Simply purchase a 5, 10, 15 or 20 class punch card, which can be shared by your entire family, and choose your classes from week to week. Summer classes are June 19-July 28, so it’s not too late to pick up a card. In the meantime, go find your favorite shady tree and enjoy all the hot things summer has to offer.


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