What Is The Purpose Of A Dance Recital?


Impact’s annual end of the year dance recital is just around the corner- June 11th & 12th! The purpose of the recital is to not only showcase what the dancers have learned this year, but also to simply entertain!

All dance classes for ages 2 and up have been working on a special dance to perform at the recital. For the little ones, the dance is minimal and repetitive, but not to mention adorable! Research shows that children learn best through repetition, for it establishes neural connections. As they practice their recital dance every week, the toddlers are developing and strengthening both cognitive and gross motor skills.

For our older dancers, the recital can be a big deal! It is an opportunity to show off the new dance skills they have acquired throughout the year. The dance instructor choreographs a specific dance for each class to show off their strengths. Therefore, their recital dance is something they can work on as a team and call their very own.

Don’t worry audience members- we didn’t forget about you! Our annual recital is also meant to entertain! The teachers choose music, costumes, and choreography with the audience in mind, too. When the dancers come on stage, they are oozing with enthusiasm and cuteness, you can’t help but smile! 🙂

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