Cognitive Learning in Dance Class


Did you know movement stimulates the brain? Current research shows that both sides of the brain must develop and work together to reach maximum cognitive learning. Most importantly, early childhood is the prime period for this development. The right side of the brain favors creativity and feelings, while the left side organizes logical skills and language. During creative movement, their whole brain is activated, therefore increasing memory and communication.

Our Pre-Dance teachers firmly believe education and creative movement go hand in hand. While still following the dance curriculum, it is easy to ask educational question, sparking cognitive learning.

Check out this list of questions our Pre-Dance teachers ask on a daily basis!

  • What color is this hula-hoop?
  • What shape is this mat?
    • Why is it a square?
  • How many dancers do we have in each line?
    • Are there an equal, or same amount, of dancers in each line?
    • How do we fix that to make it equal?
  • Four marches plus 4 hops equals how many steps all together?
  • How can we dance in different directions?
    • What does it mean to move forward? Sideways? Backwards? Diagonally?

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