June 2015 Recital

Impact Dance Studio presents our 27th annual recital at Hinsdale Central High School on Saturday, June 13 and Sunday, June 14, 2015. Please view our Winter - June 2015 Class Schedule to determine show date and time.

Impact Dance Studio offers an optional June recital for our students. All detailed recital information will be available on our website at the beginning of April. Every bit of information about the shows and all of the events leading up the big day, including ticket & DVD purchase information, tight and shoe requirements, picture day details, and much more will all be available online.

Classes at both the LaGrange & Countryside locations will be split among the six shows. Please see the Winter – June 2015 Class Schedule to determine which show each class will be participating with on show day. Although the recital is not mandatory for our students, all dancers who wish to perform in the show are asked to follow the guidelines below.

In order to participate in the June recital, there are a few requirements we ask of your dancer:

  • Class Attendance – Attendance is extremely important, especially during the months of February through June. Each week the steps and proper technique are being taught for the performance. Please try to miss as few classes as possible for your dancer’s and their class’ sake.
  • Costumes – A costume must be purchased for each class in order to dance in the show. To ensure all dancers receive a costume, the studio automatically purchases a costume for each child in every class unless the parent previously notified the studio their dancer will NOT be participating in the recital. The price breakdown per costume is as follows: Twinkle Tots $60.00 each plus tax, Pre-Dance, Hippity Hop, Jazz It Up, Jazzy Tumble and Kinder Combo Classes $65.00 each plus tax, all other classes are $70.00 each plus tax. Costume fees will be charged to the card or account on file on January 3, 2015.
    * Dancers NOT participating in the show must complete a recital non-participation form by December 20, 2014. This can be done over the phone, in person, or via fax. Unless a recital non-participation form is completed, a costume will be ordered for each dancer and the parent will be responsible for the full costume fee.   
  • Costume Fittings – At Impact, dancers try on sizing leotards to determine the proper costume size. Sizing will take place throughout the months of December and January during their regularly scheduled class time. Pictures of each class’ costume can be viewed in the waiting area beginning in February 2015.
  • Dress Rehearsal – All dancers ages 5 and up participating in the show are required to attend the onstage dress rehearsal on Friday, June 12, 2015 at Hinsdale Central High School. Exact times are TBA.
  • Show Tickets – Recital tickets will go on sale online Saturday, May 2, 2015 at 8:00 am. The ticket prices are as follows: Saturday, June 13 – $12, $15, $20 & Sunday, June 14 – $17, $20, $25

Recital Benefits For Your Dancer

  • The recital is a fun experience that creates lifetime memories
  • It allows dancers to fully experience a performing art and the unique feeling of being on a stage
  • Parents can always expect age appropriate movement and costumes
  • Preparing for a recital is a way for dancers to work on memorization skills, rhythm, technique, teamwork, and much more… they LOVE having something to be proud of and it shows!
  • It gives dancers the opportunity to perform in front of an audience that will boost self-confidence in everything they do
  • Family and friends get to see what their dancers have learned in dance class
  • Athletes have games, dancers have a recital. This is what we practice for all year long!
  • Instills a passion for the arts in children’s lives
  • Opens children’s minds and hearts to a life onstage or in the arts

 Frequently Asked Recital Questions Answered

Q: Is the recital mandatory?

A: No. The recital is strongly encouraged, but it is not required.


Q: Why do we need to purchase a costume?

A: Costumes are required to unite each class, much like a team uniform, and are essential in presenting a professional looking show. We order costumes from the same high quality costume manufacturer we have for many years. We have found, after 25 years of experience, our parents much prefer the higher quality costumes that come at a slightly higher cost than the less expensive, poor quality costumes do. Many students wear these costumes for months, even a year after and they are still in great condition. When it comes to dance costumes, you really do get what you pay for.


Q: What costs are associated with the ticket price?

A:  It costs thousands of dollars to produce the recital. Here is just a quick list of just some of the major expenses the ticket prices cover: auditorium rental, lighting rental, cafeteria rental, auditorium crew members (two-12 hour days at union scale), several buildings and ground maintenance and janitorial staff members (two-12 hour days at union scale), entire 30 member crew of the Impact staff for two-12 hour days, professional keepsake program for each audience member, insurance, props, etc. to name  few.


Q: Why are holiday show tickets $5.00 per person if it is held at the same location?

A: The holiday show is a fundraiser. The high school recognizes and supports our fundraiser by allowing us to rent the theater at the extremely discounted non-for-profit rate.


Q: If a dancer is not going to participate in the recital, can they still participate in classes?

A: Yes. We have several students who take classes all the way through the last session ending in June who are not in the show. Often, they do learn the dance and have fun being a part of the process even if they are not dancing in the show.